Robotics End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT) Solutions

Improve robot accuracy and functionality with custom end-effectors

Perform manufacturing processes and tasks efficiently and consistently with a functional end-of-arm tooling solution from DCISIV. 

At DCISIV, we’re committed to providing end-of-arm tooling expertise that increases your robot’s precision and functionality.

Our expert team work with you to identify, design and implement a custom or off-the-shelf end-of-arm tooling solution to improve your robot’s return on investment.

Combining our vast experience with end-of-arm tools with the use of additive manufacturing, and our partnerships with reputable suppliers, we implement functional and reliable end-of-arm tooling solutions for your robotics that lower error rates and increase precision.

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Along with our end-of-arm tooling expertise, we design, build and integrate  innovative machine automation and industrial robotics solutions to help you increase productivity, quality and safety across your production lines.

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Turn your robot into a high-performance machine with the right end-of-arm tooling solution.

Be more productive with the right end-of-arm tooling.

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