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Precision indexing, industrial robotics, rapid prototyping, machine building and end-of-arm tooling services, Australia

Support your staff and optimise physical resources with a turnkey automation project from DCISIV.  With over 50 years of combined experience, a vast network of suppliers, and a commitment to ongoing client support, DCISIV delivers end-to-end expertise and machine automation solutions.  From conceptual design to manufacturing, machine building and robotics integration, we’ve got you covered!

Robotic solutions for manufacturing & commercial industries

At DCISIV, we’re experienced in working with a range of businesses to ensure production processes operate more efficiently. Our custom machine solutions are perfect for a range of industries, including: 

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Rapid prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Bring your design to life with our inexpensive 3D prototyping service, providing rapid prototypes of physical parts, models and/ or assemblies.

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Custom projects


Automate and grow with confidence. Engage us for your next custom manufacturing or assembly automation project.

Equipment leasing

Equipment Leasing

Enter or expand your automation and increase your return on investment. We provide leasing options for a range of standardised robotic work cells.

contract manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Achieve fast turnaround times on functional additively manufactured components using enhanced plastic and reinforced composites.

preconfigured solutions

Pre-configured solutions

De-risk your customisation project and get the best value for money by implementing one of our pre-configured solutions.

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