Precision Indexing

Remove bottlenecks from your production tasks and processes by partnering with an experienced team that can select and install linear and rotary positioning equipment that is reliable and fit for purpose.

We’ve seen and felt the pain of double handling – it’s inefficient, ineffective and can introduce frustration and repetitive boredom.  We believe, wherever possible, every production process should only have to locate and position components once.

While position is known, all intermediate processes should be completed and result in a finished or installed component.  This is where linear and rotary positioning can be used to enable multiple tasks to be performed while the component is located, or provide degrees of freedom required for part orientation while a production process is being completed.  

We are able to provide CAM indexing solutions through to multi-axis servo-positioning solutions.

Connect with us today to arrange a no obligation discussion about your application.  We will be happy even just to learn about your business.  If it looks like we’re a match, we’d love to help you implement a parts positioning solution that you are proud of, that works day in and day out, and removes complexities and inefficiencies from your processes.

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