Welding Cobot Solutions

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Increase manufacturing process efficiency with a welding cobot

Automate the welding processes in your manufacturing processes with a welding cobot from DCISIV.

Our experienced team works with you to implement a welding robot in your operations without the complexities of robotic programming, no matter the size of your business. 

An operator teaches our welding cobots to follow any combination of linear and circular welding paths in your operations. This enables you to automate manual tasks and improve working conditions for your team, increase production output and boost fabrication capabilities.

With no experience needed to operate the welding cobots, you can save on time and labour costs, increasing the efficiency of production across shorter runs.

We provide standard and tailored packages with various custom components that are best fit for your welding operations. From welding power sources and high-quality welding tables to on-site commissioning and support for your team, DCISIV provides you with complete end-to-end welding cobot solutions.

Automate welding processes with Smooth Robotics’ welding cobots

SmoothTool by Smooth Robotics, is a user-friendly cobot welding tool, designed to learn from the operator to help you with a variety of welding tasks.

The SmoothTool provides a 3D visualisation of the welding path, allowing you to easily verify your path, tweak welding parameters and adjust torch angles before welding.

The highly flexible program structure enables you to easily add linear and/ or circular weaving patterns, replicate and offset paths, and control your stitch welds with in-built parameters.

Why to use welding cobots in your production lines

  • UR+ Certified: SmoothTool has been specifically developed to be used with Universal Robots
  • Power Source Independent: Compatible with multiple welding power sourcing vendors
  • Quick Programming Flange: To define the coordinate of your cobot’s welding torch and create welding paths on the fly
  • Linear and Circular Weaving: By combining linear and circular weaving paths, you can weld any shape you desire
  • Dynamic Weld Parameters: Call any set of any welding parameters as required and complete multiple weld types in a single program
  • Offset Welding: Copy and offset paths in X, Y, and Z direction or manually move the robot to a desired offset position
  • Stitch Welding: Control your stitch weld with parameters, such as: retraction, weld length, airspeed, number of welds
  • 3D Viewer: Visualise, and tweak points and angles of your cobot’s welding path before you start welding
  • Software Update Service: Stay up to date with the latest technology and improvements

How it works

Automate welding processes in your manufacturing operations with a collaborative robot from DCISIV

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