Modular Framing

We’ve worked hard to source cost-effective modular framing to suit almost every application.

If you’re looking for guarding and framing that is robust, adaptable, safe, neat and professional – you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ve built many frames, from both aluminium profile systems (APS) and rectangular hollow sections (RHS).  Where the application is suitable, we prefer APS for its ease of construction and versatility in future-proofing our designs to adapt to changes.  Because we’ve learnt the ins and outs on our own internal projects, we can help you save time and money on your next machine frame.

Poor fabrication tolerances or design changes can result in either a messy or expensive final product.  With APS, you can feel safe with a versatile machine frame suited to your custom requirements, and minimise time spent drilling mild steel and worrying about corrosion and paint chipping.

Our promise is that we will listen to your requirements and work with you to deliver a product that is functional and meets your expectations.  We can design and assemble the frame for you, or you can specify the design and we can send you the raw materials. You can enjoy a safe, tidy and adaptable workplace.

Connect with us today and explain your required machine frame design – whether it be a frame for an automated machine, a worktable, or trolley. Other requirements also might include integrated door interlocks, shelving, and / or mobility.

Let us help you protect your team, employ ergonomic workspaces, and be smart about your machine framing.