Our Industrial Machine Automation Solutions

Innovative, economical and functional machine automation and industrial robotics solutions, Australia

At DCISIV, our innovative machine automation and industrial robotics solutions help local commercial and manufacturing industries increase productivity, quality and safety across production, ensuring production processes operate efficiently.

We design, build and integrate complementary systems and equipment in-house.

Our industry experience

We partner with a variety of manufacturing and commercial industries to automate production line processes, including:

  • Machine tending
  • Plastic injection moulding
  • Sanding & timber finishing
  • Welding
  • Polishing & deburring
  • Assembly & production lines
  • Palletising – picking and packing
  • Modular frames

  • Work tables & benches

  • Guarding/ machine frames

  • Medical & retail trolleys

Discover our industrial robotics & machine automation solutions

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Welding Cobots

SmoothTool is a user-friendly cobot welding tool, designed for all kinds of welding tasks. With a program structure that ensures high flexibility, it is very easy to add weaving patterns, offset items or stitch weld.

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Assembly Cobots

With the end-of-tool screwdrivers, Spin Robotics offer a true plug’n’produce robotic tool. Easy to assemble and program into a production line. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, sensing and active robot control make this an intelligent solution that is also used in complicated applications and processes.

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Finishing Cobots

Mimic is a flexible software solution used for surface treatment and quality inspection. While a craftsman focuses on a workpiece, Mimic replicates the exact movements in a dual workspace teaching, ensuring consistency and uniformity.

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How to engage with us for your next automation project.

Custom projects


Automate and grow with confidence. Engage us for your next custom manufacturing or assembly automation project.

Equipment leasing

Equipment Leasing

Enter or expand your automation and increase your return on investment. We provide leasing options for a range of standardised robotic work cells.

contract manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Achieve fast turnaround times on functional additively manufactured components using enhanced plastic and reinforced composites.

preconfigured solutions

Pre-configured solutions

De-risk your customisation project and get the best value for money by implementing one of our pre-configured solutions.

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