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Combine human skills with machine precision

Maintain high-quality, hand-made finishes with highly automated, efficient cobots.  At DCISIV, we help you combine human skills with the precision of a cobot using NORDBO Robitc’s Mimic software. Humans and robots can work collaboratively to produce high-quality products, without compromising on the finished results.

Whether you’re sanding, deburring, grinding, polishing or dispensing in your production line, DCISIV ensures that you are optimising your team’s output with a best-fit, collaborative robotic solution.  Even if your team have no prior programming experience, anyone can automate tasks by using Mimic to record, transfer and replicate the operator’s movements.  By integrating human skills with the easy-to-use, no-code Mimic software, we can help manufacturers reduce labour shortage gaps. 

Achieve high-quality, hand-made finishes with Nordbo Robotic’s Mimic Software

Nordbo Robotics’ Mimic software is a flexible solution used for surface treatment and quality inspection. While a craftsman focuses on a workpiece, Mimic replicates the exact movements in a dual workspace by teaching the operators movements to ensure consistency and uniformity in your products.


Advantages of Nordbo Robotics flexible Mimic software:

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

teach nordbo

1. Teach

Guide your robot in real-time or record your movements using the Mimic joystick. Gain full control of your robot in an intuitive way.

tune nordbo

2. Tune

Preview and optimize the recorded movements by modifying speed, orientation, and path.

play nordbo

3. Play

Start processing and let your robot do the hard work.

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Increase efficiencies with cobot finishing automation capabilities.

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